Clean Beauty That's Worth Your Money

Currently, one of the largest trends in the beauty industry is "clean beauty." People, myself included, want to have access to products that are good for our bodies and the environment. Our tolerance for unnecessary, harsh chemicals and animal testing is at an all time low.


What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is makeup, skincare, and body products that is formulated without harsh chemicals and ingredients. Some of the ingredients excluded from clean beauty products includes: various sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, coal tar, formaldehydes, and added synthetic fragrances. Clean beauty is also often (but not always) cuelty-free.


Companies, such as Sephora, label products as "clean" on their app, website, and various social media platforms.

Sephora has even gone as far as trademarking the phrase "Clean at Sephora" in order to promote products within this category.


Now, it's important to remember that not all clean beauty is created equal. There are some noticeable differences within this category of products, such as price point, formula, and quality. Just because it's "clean" doesn't mean it's automatically the best product you can get. I also want to point out that not all clean beauty is cruelty-free... which honestly makes no sense to me. Why would a brand go out of their way to make clean products and then turn around and test them on animals... bizarre!

I've been a clean beauty advocate for some time now, which means I've tried my fair share of clean products. This also means I know what works and what's worth your time and money. So let's get into it!


Top 5 Clean Beauty Brands


With products varying from organic tampons to top-rated face oil, Blume is every clean beauty lover's dream. Speaking of dreams... their face cleanser, called "Daydreamer", is a must-have. It is perfectly formulated for all skin-types and retails for only $16. Blume has also recently launched a moisturizer, called "Whirl", that has quickly become a cult-favorite alongside their one-of-a-kind face oil "Meltdown".

I truly feel that Blume is the golden standard of clean beauty. Their formulas, their ethics, and their social media team are top notch. They frequently share self-care tips and female empowerment campaigns that are so inclusive and heart-warming.